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When you support the Danish Sea Rescue Society, you take responsibility for everyone who travels at sea. Whether you are a recreational sailor, fisherman, or just passing through - we all share the experience of being at sea.

The Danish Sea Rescue Society helps anyone in need of assistance on the sea, whether they are members or not. Our rescue crew works voluntarily and without pay throughout the year.

But we can only exist because of people like you who take responsibility and do something for the community at sea.

As a member, you help ensure that:
• The Danish Sea Rescue Society can be available around the clock, year-round.
• Our voluntary, unpaid rescue crew can be trained.
• We can respond to non-life-threatening situations within 20 minutes.
• Our rescue boats and equipment can be maintained.
• We can establish new rescue stations in several Danish harbors.

Membership costs 600 DKK per calendar year. After you join, we will send you a membership package with a pennant, a yearly badge, and stickers as proof that you take responsibility for other people who travel on and in the sea.

As a member, you also have the opportunity to receive assistance from our sister companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Åland Islands.

Thank you for making it safe to travel at sea.

If you still have questions, please visit for answers to the most common questions.


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